Mother And Two Children Crushed To Death By Falling Building In Italy

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A mother and two of her children have been crushed to death when part of a building collapsed on to them in Italy - as her oldest son watched in horror. 
Fouzia Taoufiq, 38, and her five-year-old son Soulaymane Hannach died instantly when they were hit by falling bricks and mortar around 5.30pm Wednesday in the town of Albizzate, near Milan.
Meanwhile 15-month-old daughter Yaoucut, who was being pushed in a stroller, was pulled alive from the rubble and taken to a nearby hospital - but later died.   
Fouzia Taoufiq, 38, was killed along with daughter Yaoucut (pictured here on her first birthday) when a building fell on them in Italy on Wednesday. Also killed was five-year-old Soulaymane, while the eldest son, nine, saw the tragedy but survived (it is not clear which boy is which)
A 38-year-old mother-of-three, named locally as Fouzia Taoufiq, has been killed along with her five-year-old son Soulaymane Hannach after a building collapsed on them in Italy
The accident occurred when a decorative cornice nearly 230ft long that was overhanging the street suddenly fell, pulling a large piece of wall down with it. 
A 42-year-old woman was also injured, though not critically.
A witness who was working in a nearby supermarket said he heard a noise 'like an explosion' and ran outside to find the building had collapsed.
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